A study required by the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation. Its objective is to analyse the water resource availability in Catalunya, and to explore new measurements for increasing urban water storages. It is intended to resume the issue through basic concepts and data to promote thinking and dialogue.

Numerical model in open channel flows it’s an increasingly common tool used, which has a high range of applications. HEC-RAS is a numerical model in river hydraulics which is continuously under development. It’s also widely used and accepted by public sector.

This book intends to study issues related with the topic proposing solutions for the pre-design, design and final calculation of tanks, considering flood and effluent protection, in order to frame objectively the tank-solution as a solution among other traditional alternatives.

The main objective is to cover the syllabus and to be a support for the students taking Hydraulics, which is a core course of the three degrees given by the Civil Engineering School.

Hydrology Engineering book written by professor Leonardo S. Nanía and professor Manuel Gómez Valentín. Distributed by Grupo Editorial Universtario.

This book make a revision of the different hydrological and hydraulic processes in urban areas. Updates and innovations in hydrology and hydraulics are showed in the book. Design criteria, methodologies and solutions for sewer systems issues are also included.

Text explaining open channel flow processes from the programme developed for hydraulic and hydrological courses at the Civil Engineering School of La Coruña. It is not intended to be a technical book about hydraulics and channels however it is considered to be helpful for students and professionals concerning basic concepts in open-channel flow.