Since its creation, the activity of Flumen has led to the construction of several experimental infrastructures in the field and laboratories. The main experimental facilities and spaces of Flumen Institute are:



Physical Models Laboratory: 1600 m2 of surface and 0.60 m3/s of available discharge

Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics laboratory B0: 400 m2 of surface and 0.40m3/s of available discharge

Hydraulic and Fluid Mechanics laboratory D1: 800 m2 of surface and 0.25m2/s of available discharge

Field networks for the acquisition of hydrometeorological and hydraulic variables in rivers and reservoirs


Specific Laboratory Services


Flumen Laboratories are common services of the Civil Engineering School of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.  The different services that provide research facilities linked to research lines of Flumen Institute are available and used by UPC researchers of several research groups and other institutions.

The specific services offered by the labs are:


Dam spillway analysis platform

It consists of an elevated platform (6 m high) with water supply and aoulets, fully instrumented for discharge control and hydraulic variable measures (depths, velocity, pressure, air concentration, turbulence, etc.)



Urban drainage inlets platform

Tilting platform devoted to the analysis and characterization of drainage system inlets, as grates. It represents a street section at 1:1 scale. Fully instrumented and versatile. It has and is still been used to assess grate inlets hydraulic efficiency, and for the development of urban drainage hazard functions for vehicles and floating elements. A key element for the Urbain Drainage research line of Flumen Institute.




Hydraulic tilting channel

Classic Hydraulics Laboratory tilting channel. “20 m long, 60 cm high. Discharge up to 150 l/s. Glass walls. Advanced measuring instrumentatio.



Channel Control Algorithm Validation Channel

It consists of a 200 m long channel, instrumented with a flexible disposition of controlling gates and elements. Fully instrumented for gates position, discharge and hydraulic variables monitoring and processing. Discharge up to 400 l/s.


The usage is the laboratories is regulated by the Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics Laboratory Council and administrated by the Laboratories Head.

Institutions interested in using the research common services may fill in following form or contact by email: