Research lines

River hydrodinamics

  • Settlements and land use concerning flood risks
  • Solid transport and river geomorphology
  • Transport of non reactive substances
  • River rehabilitation
  • Preservation and rehabilitation of wetlands


Urban Hydrology

  • Urban drainage: sewer network/surface runoff. Inlets
  • Pollutant load in urban hydrology
  • Flood risks in urban areas


Reservoir dynamics

  • Thermal and hydrodynamic behaviour
  • Sediment and nutrients dynamics
  • Reservoir impact on river dynamics. Corrective measures


Dam hydraulics

  • New designs for spill-flows
  • Spills over crest


Irrigation canals exploitation

  • Automatic control algorithms
  • Control structure and lateral storage


Development of methodologies for using remote sensing in the study of the thermal and hydrodynamic behaviour of water bodies

  • Flood areas definition
  • Superficial temperature of river and reservoirs
  • Characterization of vegetation in flooded areas


Flow-soil-structure interaction

  • New numerical methods based on the integration particles technique with discrete element methods and finite elements
  • Stability and safety of structures under hydraulic influences (water)